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How is our service different from recruitment agencies?

For employees

Approximately one day’s pay per week goes into the pocket of recruitment agencies. It is in their interest to keep you from developing an ongoing relationship with an employer which may lead to a permanent position, and as a result, you are not likely to visit the same employer twice. You are guaranteed one thing; to take a long time establishing your credibility with any potential employer.

With Emergency Teachers Australia, our aim is to assist you in establishing your working goals, not tying you down with complicated contracts or continual fees. We keep your employment goals achievable, flexible and affordable. Maximise your potential and register online today.

For employers

Recruitment agencies bind educational / childcare facilities by contracts and they too are at the disposal of the recruitment agencies discretion. Emergency Teachers Australia connects you directly to staff for an annual subscription fee, saving your organisation valuable dollars once spent on recruitment and allowing you to create your own list of favourites to call upon as often as you like at no additional cost.

We have your needs at heart, creating for you a service that you can rely upon to fulfil your staffing needs and also help build the reputation of your organisation by offering A–grade staff at all times.

We understand the pressures to fill immediate vacancies before the 7.30am deadline and our goal is to offer you the best available candidate at the click of a button 24/7. Developed by teachers for teachers, Emergency Teachers Australia gives you the reassurance that we have designed a variety of exclusive online features catering for all your staffing requirements. Click here to register your organisation and experience a unique world class service.

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