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What are the benefits for educational institutions and childcare centres?

The reputation of your organisation is of the utmost importance. Maintaining credibility among parents and the wider community is the key to success in building an educational / childcare facility that people are proud to be a part of and will recommend to others.

Your staff take a central role in building your reputation, however when you are let down by inadequate replacements or worse still no shows, your credibility takes a considerable fall. We offer an easy solution to overcome these staffing issues by opening up to you a database of hundreds of qualified generalist and specialist staff.

Ensure you maintain your organisation’s high standards by using our online casual relief teaching (CRT) agency's services to improve your charter priority outcomes whether academic, welfare or social.

Employ the best qualified and experienced candidate to meet your specific requirements either short term or long term. Relax and have a coffee, Emergency Teachers Australia has already done all the hard work for you.

Your only cost is a one off registration fee. You are not charged any extra fees for every casual staff member you employ on each day. Our Job Listing Service provides your organisation with unlimited part-time, ongoing and contract job postings throughout the year.

No need to maintain the old staff list utilised year in and year out. We provide you with a database of hundreds of qualified generalist and specialist staff continuously and instantaneously. Add suitable staff to your favourites list via our Micro Quick Profile system.

Just add your choice of prospective staff to your favourites list via the Micro Quick Profile system for easier and more efficient future searches.

We will not interfere with any long term agreements by charging commission based daily fees. Our service could provide you with staff that can be utilised for a month, a year or even lead to ongoing employment.
You are able to contact the listed referee immediately without having to obtain permission from the prospective employee or wait until it is provided to you. This can be accessed via the Teacher & Childcare Staff Profile.
Using our service you can offer the one position to multiple candidates and reward the first response or preferred staffing option with the position.

If you require staff with particular language skills, use our Language search feature. It saves you time searching through multiple Teacher & Childcare Staff Profiles.

Our Micro Quick Profile system allows you the discreet freedom of assessing staff suitability for your specific needs. It provides you with a summary of the candidate’s work experience, qualifications and availability. It also allows you to add to your favourites list. A comprehensive candidate profile is available by clicking the Micro Quick Profile twice.
No need to sign documents requiring you to pay a daily percentage for each staff employed via a recruitment agency.
A one off annual registration fee allows you access to a database of hundreds of qualified generalist and specialist staff. This means you can employ as many staff as required with no duration limit.
Provides the ultimate service in assessing the best candidate available for your organisation’s specific requirements. You have the opportunity of adding your personal reference online.

Our Performance Rating feature allows you to make informed decisions for your organisation and offers an opportunity to give feedback based on your experiences.

Actively participating in evaluating customer feedback and expanding our online services, we strive continually to improve our service to ensure that every educational institution / childcare centre receives a first class service.
Register in the time it takes to have a coffee and access and update your School & Childcare Centre Profile as time allows.
Click here to register and create your School & Childcare Centre Profile in one step.
Once you have completed your search, candidates who are available to work will only appear on the Micro Quick Profile system. For future planning, the candidate’s unavailability dates are also listed.

A comprehensive candidate profile is available by clicking the Micro Quick Profile twice. It provides you with details about the candidate’s qualifications, work experience and other information not listed on the Micro Quick Profile feature.

Be efficient with your time and eliminate the “dead calls” to staff that are not available and target qualified staff who are waiting to receive your Job Offer Notification.
Our service has been designed for employing specific subject qualified teachers to specialist subject areas, especially to accommodate VCE / HSC / Year 12 educational requirements. At Emergency Teachers Australia we never compromise the expectation of a high standard education. Our VCE / HSC Specialist Teacher Service allow you to fill long term and short term appointments. It is available as an optional search feature.

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