Why is our service unique?

Simply stated, this service is a world first!

Traditionally, organisations outside the educational / childcare sector have capitalised on the fact that a service like this has not existed until now. For the first time educational / childcare facilities have a direct online access to qualified staff requiring casual work.

No other service offers the Job Offer Notification system, Online Reference reports and staff Performance Rating feature for a one off annual registration fee. It is an exciting prospect to become part of Emergency Teachers Australia for both employees and employers alike.

The days of cold calling potential  casual relief teaching staff one at a time who are no longer requiring work while the clock is ticking have gone. By joining ETA, employers can target multiple potential staff at the click of a button. No frantic phone calls or the stress of the last minute panic. Constantly being updated, our system is straight forward and user friendly, offering to you the best technology available.

Emergency Teachers Australia also ensures that the best available candidate is accessible for any given position. This both benefits the employer in resourcing quality staff but jointly rewards employees through our Performance Rating system.

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