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Teachers and Childcare Staff

Profile Info:

Many of the fields are optional, only the fields with a red asterisk are mandatory to fill out. It is advisable to complete most of the questions in order to supply prospective employers with comprehensive information concerning your experience and qualifications. Your assistance in providing further information allows for a comprehensive Micro Quick and full Staff Profile.
Once payment is finalised, all profiles are moderated for quality assurance and available to view within 24 hours.
Yes, you can update your Profile as many times as you like with no additional charges.
Absolutely! Please download the form below if you do not have an up to date police check. Application-Form-for-National-Police-Record-Check---April-2009.pdf Or go to www.police.vic.gov.au for further information.

Annual Fees:

Refer to the Fee Schedule.
One annual fee is all you pay to register. There are no other costs. Your profile will remain active for one year from the date of registration and we will send you a friendly reminder to renew for the following year.

Micro Quick Profile

It provides you with a summary of the employer’s details. A comprehensive School / Childcare Centre profile is available by clicking the Micro Quick Profile twice. More importantly it provides you with immediate contact details of the organisation’s personnel and melway reference for your convenience.
A Micro Quick Profile provides you with a summary of the employer’s details. A School / Childcare Centre Profile is a comprehensive employer profile available by clicking the Micro Quick Profile twice.
Easy. By clicking on the Find a School / Childcare Centre button. ETA’s website offers a Micro Quick Profile & full School / Childcare centre information directory.

Notification Info:

It’s easy. Our Job Notification System contact method is via email however, employers may utilise SMS or phone contact.
This function allows employers to send out multiple online job offers through the ETA website to qualified staff that are waiting to receive their Job Offer Notification email. They can offer the one position to one or more candidates chosen from their favourites list. Selected staff are alerted via email of the casual vacancy. A Job Acceptance Response email will be sent back by the potential candidate. A Job Confirmation Response email will then be sent by the employer notifying the successful candidate that they have been awarded the position.
A standard template message will be forwarded by the employer to the selected candidate/s via the ETA website. The candidate/s will reply by writing “Job Acceptance Response” and their full name in the “subject” area of the reply email, eg. Job Acceptance Response – John Smith. The employer will continue the email chain and reply to the successful candidate with “Job Confirmation Response” and the name of their school/childcare centre in the “subject” area, eg. Job Confirmation Response – Australia Secondary College. This confirms the booking with the successful applicant.

Accepting a position:

The email chain is evidence that you have followed ETA’s process, therefore if any party does not uphold their obligation, a transcript exists to verify the sequence of events. This is essential if lodging a complaint with ETA’s administrative body.
You must reply to the employer via email by placing the following in the “Subject” area: Job Acceptance Response and your full name. eg. “Job Acceptance Response – John Smith”. Successful appointment of the position will be confirmed by the employer with a Job Confirmation Response email.
This means that the employer has accepted your expression of interest to work in their organisation; therefore you start employment at the organisation listed on the Job Confirmation Response email. You will need to utilise ETA’s Find a School / Childcare Centre feature to retrieve the employer’s details.
Once you have forwarded your Job Acceptance Response you must wait to receive a Job Confirmation Response from the employer.
Yes. You may decide to follow up with a phone call, email or sms to request further information before commencing employment. Usually, the information posted on the Find a School / Childcare Centre feature is adequate.

Other Info:

The system shows a summary of your performance whilst employed with any registered organisation through ETA. Employers have the option to evaluate your performance at the end of the contract. Used in conjunction with the Online Reference report, this feature allows employers to make informed decisions for their organisation and offers them an opportunity to give feedback about you based on their experiences.
Functioning like a written reference, the Online Reference report is online and available for employers to view immediately. It offers to employers the opportunity to give feedback about you based on their experiences and provides employers with the ultimate service in assessing the best candidate available for their specific requirements.
This service allows employers to advertise full time, part time, ongoing or contract positions available throughout the year. You can apply for these positions by forwarding your application by email. Potential employers will be able to access your Online Resume /profile and performance data, adding credibility to your work history.
As many as you like! Use ETA to source full time, part time, ongoing or contract positions. You may wish to supplement your on-going part-time position with occasional casual relief appointments as well.
Absolutely. You are not bound by any contracts to ETA.
Yes, by going to the Job Listing Service, downloading the Position Description and forwarding your application by email. In addition potential employers will be able to access your Online Resume and Performance record, adding credibility to your work history.
No, we list your Profile details on a national database and schools / childcare centre management personnel contact prospective staff at their own discretion.
Yes, use your Unavailability Indicator to nominate the days you are unavailable. This will ensure employers do not contact you on those particular days.
Just set specific absence duration in your profile and you will not be contacted for employment.
Employers will try to contact you if your profile indicates you are available. Use your Unavailability Indicator to select the duration you are unavailable.
Yes, this occurs when you utilise the Unavailability Indicator to set a duration when you will be unavailable for work.
Yes, however, it is not recommended to decline job offers if your work status is active. Deactivate your work status to display the unavailable dates so employers save time and energy by only contacting available candidates.
We advise you utilise ETA’s Find a School / Childcare Centre feature and contact the employer via email, SMS or phone immediately. Most daily organisers / management personnel will appreciate your effort in making contact to inform them of your situation. Calling immediately allows management adequate time to make alternative arrangements.

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