How to Select Staff & Send Job Offers

Complete Login Process

(a) Click circled button with the title Educational Institutions/ Find a Teacher
(b) Fill in Educational Institutions section by placing your Username & Password.

Click the My Favourites tab to access your full Favourites List.

Select staff by ticking (a) Tick to Select located above school profile. Scroll to the bottom of the My Favourites page and complete (b) Contact Selected Teachers Only. Press Submit to send Job Notification Offers emails to staff.

Prospective staff will send Job Acceptance Responses by email.
Confirm bookings by sending email back to staff by placing Job Confirmation Responses- (Name of School / childcare centre) in the subject area by utilising the same email. Replying to the same email establishes a correspondence reference as outlined in honouring the employment process as agreed upon by members.

To exit the website click onto My Account and the Logout button.
Saved data could be lost if this process is not followed.

Well done & with ETA employing staff is easier than making a cup of Coffee!
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