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Schools / Childcare Centres 2 Step Process

(a) Select & click School & Childcare Centre Profile button.
Select & click on State and complete registration process.




You have completed your online registration & profile in one process. A TAX INVOICE email will be sent for your records. For your convenience utilise this statement for your administrative approval process. Upon confirmation of payment your profile will be activated to view, select & contact staff.

Your organisation’s profile will remain on the website for up to (14) FOURTEEN DAYS. Payment is required within this specified period, otherwise all your information will be removed from the website’s records management system and the registration process will need to be repeated.

(a) Finding Staff & Login

Select & click Educational Institutions/ Find a Teacher button.

The next stage will be the LOGIN section requiring your Password & Username located on the right of screen.

(b) Searching for Subject Qualified Teachers

TWO SEARCH OPTIONS will be provided.
The Micro Quick and the Advanced Search (Comprehensive / Specialist Teacher Search).Enter search criteria.

Enter the REGION/S you are located in by ticking the appropriate box. You may select more than one region to increase the scope of finding staff. Click on region for a SUBURB REFERENCE LIST to appear. By not completing the State search criteria you will be provided with all staff profiles within Australia.

A successful search will provide a staff profile list.

Click View Profile to access online resume & profile located below the Miro Quick profile details. Use the internet explorer console back key to return to staff profile list.

You must select at least one favourite profile to send job offers.

Creating favourites list

(a) Select staff by clicking onto Add to Favourites.
It will change to the Remove my Favourites button.
Scroll down to access list of available staff. Add a variety of subject teacher profiles to your Favourites list available to be used instantly, instead of repeating the search process.

(b) Click the View My Favourites button to access your full Favourites List.
Tick to Select box to Select staff to send job offers by email.

Sending Job Offers

Scroll to the bottom of the My Favourites page and complete Contact Selected Teachers Only component. Press Submit to send Job Notification Offers.

Confirming bookings

Prospective staff will send Job Acceptance Responses by email.
Confirm bookings by sending email back to staff by placing Job Confirmation Responses- (Name of School / childcare centre) in the subject area by utilising the same email. Replying to the same email establishes a correspondence reference as outlined in honouring the employment process as agreed upon by subscribers.

Logout procedures

To exit the website click onto My Account and the Logout button.
Saved data could be lost if this process is not followed.

Well done & with ETA employing staff is easier than making a cup of Coffee!
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