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At Emergency Teachers we get you connected to the right people, online, everytime. Using our employment referral service connect your school / childcare centre now to send out multiple job offers via email, SMS or phone and receive a Job Acceptance Response instantly. Emergencyteachers.com.au provides an extensive online Teacher & Childcare Staff Profile selection containing specialist and generalist personnel. Our Micro Quick Profile system creates your favourite casual staff list. Our unique Performance Rating feature provides you with quality assurance via Online Reference reports completed by previous employers. Utilise Emergency Teachers Australia's Job Listing Service, which allows you unlimited job postings throughout the year. Click here to register and discover the benefits of a world class service.

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Are you looking for casual relief teaching, contract or ongoing positions?
For an annual subscription for less than a day’s pay, register online with Emergency Teachers Australia, and take control of your future, saving valuable time and money. With 24/7 Job Offer Notifications by email, sms or phone from educational institutions / childcare centres nationwide, the choice is yours, to accept or decline casual relief teaching and childcare job offers instantly. Single entry Teacher and Childcare Staff Profiles take the work out of supplying numerous resumes to key personnel nationwide. Use Emergency Teachers online School & Childcare Centre Profile to prepare your day ahead. Click here to register and discover the benefits of a world class service.

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Teacher Sponsorship / Work Visa / Work Holiday Request

Australia is experiencing job growth in all states and subject areas. Expressions of interest can be forwarded by perusing the information on the Australian job opportunities link below:

Overseas Teachers: Work Visa / Sponsorship Teaching Jobs (Australia)

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Visit our links for a comprehensive list of graduate and experienced teacher resources. Whether it is classroom management, online activities, lesson plans, unit outlines or job application information we have it all! 

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11 Tips on How to get a Relief Teaching Job

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“When a vacancy existed at the school I was working at, I asked the Daily organiser to look at my online performance profile. It had been filled out by the principal from the school down the road two months ago. When I asked why I was awarded the job so quickly, the answer was two principals cannot be wrong, so why advertise!” - John F, Glen Waverley 

“It was such an ease to use ETA as your potential employers are the people who are contacting you. As a graduate it is great to see a company with a cost effective service and no daily commissions.” - Paul B, Graduate Teacher

“My online references are there 24/7 for all to see. The principal made a comment on my professionalism and mentioned that if he did not get me off the job market another school will!” - Tracie M, Brighton East  


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