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Discover the secret of increasing CRT job opportunities! 

Experienced teachers and graduate teachers face the same challenges when seeking casual relief teaching employment.  Successful applicants know what works and continually seek improvements to have the edge over thousands of teachers sourcing employment on a weekly basis. By now you are probably exhausted by hearing agencies telling you that no work is guaranteed and their books are full.

You must realise that you are selling a service and therefore you must promote your services and skills.

You must promote your service directly to management; therefore you need a marketing plan to effectively get your details and message across to the correct personnel.

In most cases you require consistent networking, sending out resumes and having an online profile which is easily accessible.

ETA aims at helping teachers understand which are the best options possible and utilise an online teacher referral marketing and promotional plan to achieve 24/7 exposure on an annual basis at minimum costs. http://www.emergencyteachers.com.au/Benefits.aspx

The CRT environment is extremely competitive; therefore the one thing that all staff requires is constant exposure and promotion of teaching services. The more school management personnel get to see your online profile, the better chance you have of securing employment. It’s that simple!

By reaching as many principals and daily organisers as possible you will be increasing your opportunity of finding work. It’s no mystery.

7 Steps to reaching school management and daily organisers.  

  • Target schools across as many localities / regions. Send your resume online directly to school management. ETA is the only organisation providing this service.
  • Network: Continually contact school management and express an interest to work at their campus.
  • Promote your skills to school management: Provide a constant update of recent references online. ETA is the only teacher organisation providing an e-profile service with an ongoing reference feature.
  • Engage all active schools to make sure they see your skills and experience on a weekly format. ETA staff compiles graduate, experienced teacher and teacher subject list. ETA staff sends these lists directly to school management.
  • Target schools in your region throughout the year. ETA staff sends out your e-profile and contact list throughout the year.
  • Maximise the audience of school management. Understand that it simply a numbers game and constant circulation of your e-profile increases the chances of employment.
  • Source jobs from The Age, Saturday’s Education employment supplement. ETA staff compiles graduate, experienced teacher and teacher subject list. ETA staff sends lists directly to school management advertising jobs on a weekly basis.

So now that you have been informed you need to decide if you are prepared to do all the above or subscribe with ETA and save time, effort and costs associated with the job sourcing process. It’s that simple!

ETA provides FREE self service job features and a subscription based service. ETA also provides the most comprehensive FREE career / classroom teacher resources accessed by thousands of teachers globally.

Watch our service video for further information on our homepage: http://www.emergencyteachers.com.au/

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