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1.       Recruitment agencies do not guarantee teaching jobs. Feedback from teachers notes that teacher recruitment agencies are declining to register new staff due to an oversupply of teachers and are only offering an average of one day’s work a month for experienced staff. Register your interest with as many teacher recruitment agencies as you wish, however inform them that you do not want to sign any contract of exclusivity. This means you can then arrange your own ongoing or full time work agreement with schools without being contractually restricted by release fees imposed by teacher recruitment agencies. Read the fine print before signing contracts. Do not just take our word for it. Ask teacher recruitment agencies for work guarantees, constant and frequent work. You will soon discover answers you might not like. There will always be a reason of why they cannot guarantee work.  Refer to www.CasualReliefTeachers.com.au for information on teacher recruitment agencies and teacher referral organisation practices. Be informed if you intend on successfully commencing a career in teaching.

2.       Do not rely on your hard copy resume. Hundreds of teachers, especially graduates, rely on this process and will most likely not get contacted for employment, as schools sometimes file away, misplace or lose your resume. Apart from this, school staff may change from year to year and that means you need to contact a different person and go through the whole process again. We are not suggesting that you do not provide schools with your resume but provide it directly to school management with a personal introduction, so they can place a face with the resume!

3.       Get an online e-profile. Purchase your name as an online domain address and create an online teacher e-profile. Contact schools personally, meet management and provide a business card with your domain name. In this manner, you do not require to print resumes every time you visit schools. Just refer them to your e-profile. Saves time and money! School management can peruse your resume and credentials instantly. If not, subscribe with www.emergencyteachers.com create an online teacher profile with a number one job reference identifiable and recognised term nationally and internationally! School management can simply access your details 24/7! Emergency Teachers Australia (ETA) applies an annual subscription fee for this service.

4.       Find out names of the Daily Organiser, Principal or Assistant Principal. You need to send your resume via email, directly to the person employing emergency teachers. You will be required to research this information and form lists containing email addresses. It takes time, effort and expenditure or you can subscribe with www.emergencyteachers.com.au.  An annual fee will cover this process for one year. Emergency Teachers Australia (ETA) staff send out your details directly to school management throughout the year and also forward your details to school vacancies advertised in The Age (Saturday’s education edition). Emergency Teachers Australia is not a recruitment agency.

5.       It is a numbers game. It has nothing to do with teaching experience or qualifications. It depends upon the amount of schools you have contacted and getting through to the necessary personnel who employ staff. Common sense has it that if you increase your effort in contacting as many schools possible the odds of receiving a call for employment increase.

6.       Use FREE online job resources! Use all the free resources available to increase your job opportunities. Emergency Teachers Australia Online offers free professional resources prepared by qualified and experienced teachers.

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7.       It is not personal. There are approximately 24,000 teachers seeking work in Victoria. Competition is fierce and networking is essential. Most jobs are internal and do not get advertised. Ex staff, ex students, retired teachers or teachers on leave usually cover casual relief teacher vacancies.   

8.       Start networking. Find out where the teaching jobs vacancies exist by joining websites and communicating with teachers to increase your knowledge on prospective job opportunities. Join sites like LinkedIn and connect with senior teachers and principals.

9.       Know the school. This means do your research and find the specific demographics about the school, ethnicity, student population, cultural, social and welfare factors affecting the school community. A good place to start is by reading the school website, especially charter school priorities.

10.   Meet the Principal or Daily Organiser.  Those who dare, win! No one said that getting a job was easy. School management will appreciate the effort in turning up, introducing yourself and expressing an interest in working at their school. It shows confidence, determination and motivation in shaping your own vocation, apart from future leadership material!

11.   Promote your special skill. After researching the school and the educational community emphasise the skills you have e.g. foreign language, additional knowledge on Literacy / Numeracy programs, community, social or sports qualifications.

12.   Determination, motivation and persistence. It is not an easy process and anyone who tells you differently has not currently been employed as a CRT teacher! Discover additional information on teacher  jobs : www.CasualReliefTeachers.com.au    

Good luck!  Remember, it is a numbers game and the greater effort and time dedicated to contacting and networking with schools, the greater your chances of getting contacted for employment! It is that simple and that is why many teachers subscribe with www.emergencyteachers.com.au.  Watch the website service video for additional information.

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